A No-Kill Shelter & Rescue
Our Events
Each year, we strive to offer rewarding events that benefit our wonderful animals.
To see upcoming events, please contact us or look at our newsletters.


Greensburg Petsmart Adoptions
Each Saturday animals from FFOA will be looking for their FURever Homes at the Greensburg Petsmart!
Come out to greet the wagging tails that await you!
Directions to Greensburg: Google Maps

Sponsor a Dog/Cat in the Herald Standard/Daily Courier  
Show your love for animals by sponsoring a cat or dog photo in the Herald Standard or Daily Courier!
These photos help to get the shelter animals adopted!! The cost is $16.95 for a small ad and $25.95 for a
double ad in the Herald Standard. The cost is $17.00 for a standard add in the Daily Courier. Please make
all checks payable to the "Herald Standard" or the "Daily Courier". Please call the shelter for more
information! (724) 245-7815

Aluminum Collection
An easy way to help out the shelter is by saving aluminum cans for us! We recycle the cans and get
money for the cans we bring in! Cans can be brought to the shelter at any time! If we are not there, just
leave it outside the door!

Good Search & Shop
Want to help Fayette Friends of Animals while your surfing the web or shopping online? You can!!!!! Every
time that you search from good search or make an online purchase...we get money!! $$$
Just click the banner below to begin helping FFOA:

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